Simple things you can do to avoid mould spoilage of wrapped haylage and silage.

Plastic wrapped square or round baled silage or haylage will always present a greater risk to the farmer from spoilage than will pit silage. This is simply due to the greater potential surface area a wrapped bale presents to air. By contrast, a covered silage pit has only the top surface exposed.

Cow Grazing Behavior and Climatic Influences

Findings on cow grazing behavior from research carried out in the 1950's is just as relevant as ever.

It found that in temperate climates, most of the grazing time carried out by dairy cows is done in two periods during day light hours.

The first commencing just after dawn, and the second starting in the early evening after milking and going on until about an hour after sunset.


Brix and nutrient dense food FAQ's

What is Brix?

Brix, more correctly named 'degree Brix' (°Bx), named after the named after the 19th century Austrian scientist Adolf Brix who came up with the scale is a measure of the weight of sugar dissolved in water as percentage by weight (% w/w). Therefore a 5% brix solution is 5 grams of sugar dissolved in 95 grams of pure water at 25° Celsius and pure water would have a brix of 0%. more

How is brix measured?

Tips on how to fully feed cows from pasture

Tips on how to fully feed cows from pasture

by Roger Martyn

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