GrassMaster probe and Rising Plate Meter comparison

Below are the summarised results of the dry matter estimation of a chicory pasture carried out on a dairy farm in Hamilton New Zealand in January 2012 comparing the use of a GrassMaster (GMII) pasture meter and a standard Rising Plate Meter (RPM).

The pasture was largely Chicory (juvenile) mix plus a small amount of ryegrass.

The measured quadrat plots were 0.2m2, or 44.72cm inside x 44.72cm

Simple things you can do to avoid mould spoilage of wrapped haylage and silage.

Plastic wrapped square or round baled silage or haylage will always present a greater risk to the farmer from spoilage than will pit silage. This is simply due to the greater potential surface area a wrapped bale presents to air. By contrast, a covered silage pit has only the top surface exposed.

Grazing and pasture management for Perennial Ryegrass Staggers

by Roger Martyn



Ryegrass staggers is a disease of grazing animals that affects nerves and muscles and can result in spasms, loss of muscle control and paralysis.

Brix and nutrient dense food FAQ's

What is Brix?

Brix, more correctly named 'degree Brix' (°Bx), named after the named after the 19th century Austrian scientist Adolf Brix who came up with the scale is a measure of the weight of sugar dissolved in water as percentage by weight (% w/w). Therefore a 5% brix solution is 5 grams of sugar dissolved in 95 grams of pure water at 25° Celsius and pure water would have a brix of 0%. more

How is brix measured?

Clover, the perfect Controlled Release Nitrogen‎ Source

 Pastures growing in soils where the fertility has been correctly balanced and the conditions are right, will respond most to Nitrogen fertiliser inputs.

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