Hall of Shame

As part of my Grazetech business, among other things I offer a service for the repair for the BattLatches I supply. I always endeavour to do such repairs properly and efficiently and get them returned as quickly as practicable. I understand how such a tool as the BattLatch often becomes an integral part of daily farm management.

I am always mindful of the cost to the owners and always seek to minimise these. If for example I consider something is not worth repairing, I will contact the owner to discuss.

When a repair is returned, I invoice the owner and request payment within 30 days. I don't ask for payment upfront. I don't ask for a credit application to be completed. (Try this as a business 'in town' and you're likely to end up with a lot of bad debts).

Fortunately farming is still different. Getting the job done and sending the bill is what works best for both parties. It is a system based on trust - The trust by the customer that I won't rip them off with unecessary costs and trust by me that a customer will pay their bill. It is a system I know that works and one I find good for business; many of my customers are repeat ones.

It is rare that I don't receive payment on time. Often I'll even receive payment just within days of sending a repair back, weeks before it is technically 'due'. I appreciate that and take it as a form of appreciation shown by the customer.

For the most part this system has served me well. Over the years I've had very few debts I've had to 'write off'. For some, I have been able to rationalise why things have got to that stage. One involved a young guy who was still stupid and thought he could get away with not paying - and he did. All for the cost of a $12 booklet on grazing management. Another I learnt later, had his back to the wall financially and had to bail out of sharemilking.

But then there are those rare individuals who simply refuse to pay. No reason is offered. It appears they simply choose not to. There's some cold comfort to be had however - that being that it is highly unlikely that I will have been the only one to have ever experienced their behaviour.

I reserve a special place for these people. They are special. They deserve a gong. They get to become a member of my 'hall of shame'.

Here is my most recent succesful entrant..

Andrew Angelino

PO BOX 2075


If you know this person, shout them a beer and congratulate them on their successful nomination and membership. They surely deserve it.


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