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Grazetech is Australia's premier resource for modern grazing and pasture management technology.

Take time to view our comprehensive range of pasture and grazing management Products and also our Articles and Info section that cover many aspects of pasture and grazing management, animal health, and soil fertility.

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This is a  Batt-Latch with a built in modem that can be controlled with your mobile phone via SMS text messages.

It has the same functionallity as a standard Batt_Latch, but it can be programmed and actuated remotely!

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This kit is designed for those wanting to use Brix measurement in biological agriculture and horticulture and high brix, nutrient-dense food production.
The kit comprises of a quality automatically temperature compensating (ATC) 0-30% brix optical refractometer, a quality stainless steel garlic press for juice extraction, refractometer manual and booklet on Optical Brix Meter measurement for determination of high brix - nutrient dense food.

This quality stainless steel temperature probe bimetallic actuated temperature probe is particularly suited for agricultural / horticultural applications such as the measurement of soil and/or compost temperature.
It is extremely robust, very simple to use and read, non toxic (i.e. no mercury to escape as in glass thermometers) and are fully mechanical so require no power.

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