Batt-Latch Remote Gate Radio Control Opener Kit


In many instances, the BattLatch modem will have superceded this product option however for those areas with poor cell phone coverage, this product may prove to be an option.

The remote BattLatch system allows you to control your Batt-Latches from up to 5km away.

This system  includes:

A new solar powered Batt-Latch with receiver module and removeable aerial,

A long-distance transmitter and aerial with four channels built-in, for later expansion,

A short range (300m) transmitter is also provided for vehicle use.

Your existing Batt-Latches can also be upgraded to work with this system.
In most instances, it is best to use each remote fitted BattLatch with a BattLatch pipe gate adaptor - please  contact to discuss.
The 5km transmitter would normally be used from the house or a dairy platform, to allow stock movements in poor conditions ahead of the timer's settings, or to release the second herd for example. The short-range remote could be used to allow stock across roads, or to open a temporary race gateway ahead of a vehicle or bike.

OTHER USES: Breakfeeding horses, feral deer and pig capture.

SKU: BL123

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