Soil Temperature Probe


This is a tough little digital soil temperature probe for measuring soil temperatures that is  accurate, easy to view, quick to use, portable and can take the knocks that go with farming, all at a good keen price.

It can be used to monitor soil temperature and predict pasture and crop growth.

It will show the highest and lowest temperatures over a time period, so you can also use it to check the operation of coolstores and refrigerators.
This is not a chinese knock off - it is extremely well made and tough!
shaft length: 120mm

Measures from -50 to +200 degrees Celcius, (Fahrenheit option) with an error of +/- 1 degree Celcius. It shows readings in 0.1 degree increments. It updates the screen every 0.7 seconds, and can respond to a change in temperature from 25 degC to 100 degC in 8 seconds. It comes supplied with an LR44 battery installed.


•Handheld digital thermometer

•Stores maximum and minimum temperature readings

•Stainless steel probe

•Data hold feature


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