Soil Temperature Probe 300mm


This is a 300mm long dial faced soil temperature probe  that utilises the  tried true and well tested  bimetallic coil  means of temperature measurement and at a very affordable price.

Extremely robust and very simple to use its 300mm stem length facilitates measurement of temperatures to greater depths than many other temperature probes are able making it great for monitoring not only the temperature of soils for crops and pastures, but also for monitoring temperatures of hay, silage, potting mixes, propagation beds, composting, chilling of produce and so on.

Fully mechanical  action so requires no power/batteries.

Made of  non-corrosive manufacturing materials making it well suited for permanent in-situ temperature monitoring.

The versatile swivel head action allows the probe dial to be read from the 'horizontal' to 'vertical' facilitating much easier reading and recording in difficult to access situations.

The guage includes an easy to  adjust calibration lock nut should the reading wander due to a physical shock. NB: Probes are supplied factory calibrated although the accompanying also booklet provides calibration instructions should they be required.

Typebimetallic coil actuation
Probe dial diameter75mm
Stem length300mm
Case and stem Stainless Steel
Temperature range10 to 80℃ (14 - 176°F)  - displays both ℃ and °F
Accuracy+/- 2.5%, 1.6% full scale
Time constant < 40 second

Temperature Probe comes complete with manual detailing the temperature probes use, calibration methods, and temperature - germination tables for 26 vegetable seed types and 16 cereal and forage feed seed types including notes on soil temperatures, fertilisers and pasture production.

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