Soil sampling probe


Finding a decent soil probe for soil sampling is no small task, especially one capable of coping with Aussie's differences in soils and  conditions.

This however is one soil probe that makes the grade. This tool will last you a lifetime. 

We now only offer soil probes made from the  heavier grade hardened  316 stainless steel. It is still  however the same comfortable to use 660mm probe  with a 300mm section cutaway to allow easy retrieval of soil samples that we've supplied previously. This is particularly useful when sampling heavier sticky soils such as clays. It is also a very useful tool for simply using to observe soil profiles around your farm, something from which you can learn a lot about the soils you farm and monitor their development over time.

The probe also has a heavy duty modified tip, hardened to cope with stony soils and it is slightly reduced in diameter at the tip's cutting edge. The slightly smaller diameter plug of soil is then  able to move more easily up the pipe towards the cutaway as soil from the next plug being taken displaces it.  This can be a real boon when using the probe in heavier soil types compared to those  probes without this feature;  where the plugs of heavier soil types tend to bind and get stuck within the first few cm of the probes tubing greatly frustrating the sampling process. Anybody having ever experienced this will greatly appreciate this particular feature.

These soil samplers also come with a sturdy “T” handle which incorporates a heavy-duty top that can be hit with a hammer. Again those who have encountered hard soils will know what that's all about!


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