BattLatch with retractable gate kit for horses


The BattLatch retractable gate kit for horses consists of the Battlatch
solar powered automatic gateway release timer and a retractable poly
rope and reel for use as a temporary electric fence gateway.

The BattLatch can be pre - programmed to release the retractable polyrope for any time of any day.

At the prescribed time, the BattLatch will ‘wake up’ allowing the poly rope to detach from
the BattLatch and safely retract into the reel allowing the horse(s) to walk on through.

For horses the recommended maximum extension of the poly rope from the
retractable reel for safe and effective operation is 3 metres. This set up is suitable for an individual horse or for groups of horses.
This presents no problem since horses will always go through such an
opening in the order of their pack hierarchy.

The gate kit can be adapted to all types of fence or yard situations.

The BattLatch is solar powered and highly portable for use around the

  • Great for when horses are only allowed limited feed, or require access to
  • fresh grazing or to spread food intake over an extended period of
  • time in order to avoid digestive congestion, ulcers and obesity.
  • Also ideal for horses that need more feed, or have a different feed
  • requirement to the rest of the herd.
  • Labour saving, great for when you have to be somewhere else.
  • Reduces stress - for both the horse and its carer.

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