The BattLatch horse feeder - wheelie bin kit.


The BattLatch horse feeder wheelie  bin kit consists of 

NB: the wheelie bin is NOT supplied. Customers will need to purchase their own 100 litre wheelie bin, plus an additional spare lid which are readily available from their local  Bunnings store. This will save many dollars in unnecessary transport charges.

The BattLatch can be programmed to release the contents of the wheelie bin at a preset time.
for any time of any day.

At the prescribed time, the BattLatch will ‘wake up’ allowing the chain holding the lid closed against the bottom of the wheelie bin to detach thus allowing the bottom lid to open and allow the contents (feed) of the bin to fall out.

Fittings supplied with the kit allow the bin to be mounted on any suitable wall, gate or sufficiently high fence / yard rail situation. 
The BattLatch is solar powered and highly portable for other use around the farm.

  • Great for when horses are only allowed limited feed, or require access to feed at a specific time of the day.
  • Ideal for horses that need more feed, or have a different feed requirements.
  • Labour saving, especially great for when you have to be somewhere else.
  • Reduces stress - for both the horse and its carer.

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