Maximum benefit will be gained out of these spreadsheets if used in conjunction with  Grazetech's  Feed budgeting for pastures text book

Paddock Records and Feed Wedge spreadsheet

This spreadsheet enables you to enter your paddock names and their areas and record their pasture covers  in kg DM/ha by date.  This will generate average farm cover values and feed wedge graphs. By comparing dates, the spreadsheet will calculate average daily daily growth rates for paddocks and the farm.

Pasture Feed Budget Spreadsheet template

This spreadsheet template assists in predicting an average farm cover in kg DM /ha  at a future date. Variables such as pasture growth rates, stock numbers, feed consumption and feed supplements can be added. 

You are able to enter data for up to 12 consecutive periods. This is particularly useful for forecast pasture feed budgeting and what if scenarios.

Dairy Demo Pasture Feed Budget

This is a working demo of the above Pasture Feed Budgeting Template that uses  typical dairy farm data. Do Not use or modify this for your own feed budgets. Rather, start a new budgeting using the  Pasture Feed Budgeting Template file from  directly above.

Cow production vs days in lactation

This is a spread sheet template that allows you to predict the likely milk production for a dairy cow of a given liveweight and feed intake over different times of her lactation.

CWD protocol

This is a protocol  for doing a Cut Weigh and Dry of pasture. 

It is useful for calibration of pasture measurement devices such as the GrassMasterPro


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